Hydronic Control Stations make installations of any hydronic system simple and easy!

HPS Controls manufactures pre-assembled Hydronic Pump Stations providing zoning for Radiant Floor Systems, DHW Indirects, Fan Coils, Fin Tube Convectors and Panel Radiation. There are over 100 models of hydronic panels available offering High or Low Temp or a combination of both and 3-way mixing or variable speed injection with outdoor reset.They are designed as the secondary circuit to the primary boiler loop which are also available pre-assembled. Each unit also comes equipped with a circuit board making wiring simple. The flexibility of these Zone Stations allows for custom designs with larger pumps and headers.


Benefits of the RSD Comforte floor Radiant Control Station

Priority zone function on all panel circuit boards

Prepiped, prewired stations guarantees systems performance

Combinations of High & Low temperature zones in one station

Reliable off-the-shelf components

Simplified installation and field costs

All units are CSA NRTL/C approved


For use with open potable, or closed hydronic systems

Now radiant heating does not have to be a puzzle.

With radiant heating systems becoming the heating method of choice, efficient installation and cost effective know how is now even more imperative.

To help you save time and money we have developed a panel system that will eliminate the guess work. With three styles to choose from, we have a fit for all your heating requirements.

Combination Units of Hi-Lo Temperature Control

These combination panels have Hi and Low temperature zones. With that capability only one panel is required.

High temperature - used for indirect hot water, fancoil, baseboard and hot tub.

Low temperature - used for radiant floor, snow melt


Control Station Description


Circuit Board Technology

Factory pre-wired printed circuit boards for simple field wiring

Dynamic pump duty cycle timer prevents water stagnation and prolongs circulator life

Auxiliary and main pump relays

On/Off switch and indicator light

Circuit board can be used with potable water or boiler systems