Hydronic Pump Stations to choose from

HPS "SERIES 400" Zone Control Stations                            "Series 400" Installation Instructions

"CFV" - Combo Temp Mixing Valve (Flange Type)

400 Series CFV MODELS can be customized to meet select design specifications by referring to

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CFV-642 "Select-a-Design"

  • 2-6 Zone Station Model Housing
  • White Powder Coat Appliance Coating
  • "1" "Flange Body Pumes "UPS15-58FC"
  • Thermostatic 3-Way Mixing Valve
  • Organic Acid Bath Polished Copper Piping
  • System Bleed Purge Valve
  • Webstone "Isolator" Ball Valve
  • Return Zone Ball Valves
  • 4-6 Zone Electronic Relay Control Board
  • Priority with "Priority Safe Feature"
  • Pump Duty Cycle Timer Options
  • Optimal Boiler Protection Feature
  • Low Water Cuttoff 24V Access Option
  • Integral Pump Flow Check Valves
  • LED Inidicator Lights






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HP400211 (CFV-211) 2 Zone 1-HI, 1-LO

HP400312 (CFV-312) 3 Zone 1-HI, 2-LO

HP400321 (CFV-321) 3 Zone 2-HI, 1-LO

HP400413 (CFV-413) 4 Zone 1-HI, 3-LO

HP400422 (CFV-422) 4 Zone 2-HI, 2-LO

HP400431 (CFV-431) 4 Zone 3-HI, 1-LO

HP400514 (CFV-514) 5 Zone 1-HI, 4-LO

HP400523 (CFV-523) 5 Zone 2-HI, 3-LO

HP400532 (CFV-532) 5 Zone 3-HI, 2-LO

HP400541 (CFV-541) 5 Zone 4-HI, 1-LO

HP400624 (CFV-624) 6 Zone 2-HI, 4-LO

HP400633 (CFV-633) 6 Zone 3-HI, 3-LO

HP400642 (CFV-642) 6 Zone 4-HI, 2-LO

HP400651 (CFV-651) 6 Zone 5-HI, 1-LO