Primary Loop Stations to choose from

HPS "SERIES 800" Control Stations                             "Series 800" Installation Instructions

"PLS" - Primary Loop

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* Consist of a pre-piped Primary loop to be used with Primary/Secondary piped hydronic systems.
* Available with specified port locations for both boiler and zone supply and returns.
* Piping sizes up to 2”.
* 1 or 2 primary circulators are available dependant upon DHW application.

Can be coupled or grouped with other HPS Zone Control Stations to complete a simplified and professional looking boiler system.

PLS-1 (One Pump Primary Loop )

  • Used for standard single primary pump applications with no priority pump requirement off the primary loop.

PLS-2 (Two Pump Primary Loop )

  • Used for 2 primary pump applications. Second pump is designed to work as a priority zone for an indirect water heater or other priority system.


White Powder Coat Appliance Finish

Organic Acid Bath Polished Copper Piping

Dimensions 27" x 25" x 8.5"

1" Flange Body Pumps UPS15-58FC

Integral Pump Flow Check Valves

"Isolator" Ball Valve Flange Set

System Bleed Purge Valve

Air Eliminator Double Check




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HP800301 (PLS-1RB) One Pump-Right Bottom Boiler

HP800302 (PLS-1LB) One Pump-Left Bottom Boiler

HP800303 (PLS-1RS) One Pump-Right Side Boiler

HP800304 (PLS-1LS) One Pump-Left Side Boiler

HP800401 (PLS-2RS) Two Pump-Right Side Boiler

HP800402 (PLS-2LS) Two Pump-Left Side Boiler

HP800403 (PLS-2RB) Two Pump-Right Side Boiler

HP800404 (PLS-2LB) Two Pump-Left Bottom Boiler