Hydronic Pump Stations to choose from

HPS "SERIES 900T" Zone Control Stations  "NEW"       "Series 900T" Installation Instructions

"PSS-T" - Primary/Secondary Stations - (No Primary Pump)

900T Series "PSS-T" MODELS can be customized to meet select design specifications by referring to

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  • Works well with any heating source with a built in primary circulator
  • Consist of a pre-piped primary loop and the choice of
    1 or 2 secondary zones
  • Left or right side main supply and return connections
  • 27" x 25" x 8.5" box for wall mount
  • White Powder Coat Appliance Finish
  • Organic Acid Bath Polished Copper Piping
  • 2 Zone Electronic Relay Control Board
  • Priority with "Priority Safe Feature"
  • Pump Duty Cycle Timer Options
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • 3/4" & 1" Flange Body Pumps Grundfos "UPS15-58FC" Standard - Can be upgraded to UPS26-99FC/BFC, UPS15-55SFC or Alpha 15-55F pumps
  • Webstone "Isolator" Ball Valves
  • System Purge Valve
  • Return Zone Ball Valves
  • Integral Pump Flow Check Valves
  • Tridicator
  • Air Eliminator


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HP900100L-T (PSS-1LT) 1 Secondary Zone (Left Side Boiler)

HP900100R-T (PSS-1RT) 1 Secondary Zone (Right Side Boiler)

HP900200L-T (PSS-2LT) 2 Secondary Zones (Left Side Boiler)

HP900200R-T (PSS-2RT) 2 Secondary Zones (Right Side Boiler)